What is KMi?

KMi is a new style of content management system yet kept somewhat familiar. KMi takes features and functionalities that were valued as good options from other systems and rolls them into one. Although familiar, many features have been added for more value. Some features included but not limited to:

  • On-the-fly
    • Web applications
    • API connections
    • Code compression
  • High encryption policy standards
  • User workflows

and more. We don't want to give them all away!

Oh really? Go on...

For the novice!

Let KMi help you through it

For the advanced

KMi will speed-up your time to production!

Create sites in hours/days and not weeks to months.

How does it work?

The core structure of KMi is utilizing PHP5.5+ on Linux within a responsive framework to ensure your site is viewable across all device types.

But wait, there's more...


It's Encrypted!

KMi comes encryption standards already set in place. Give your visitors peace of mind when entering information to your site.

Let's lock it down


It's Customizable!

Yeah, most systems are; however customize color (theme), layouts, and features without any added installations. It minimizes the need to know coding so you can have not just a beautiful site, but a fully functional site.

Do tell more


What's different?

KMi is connected! When your install is connected, new features are automatically available in your instance once it is pushed live. No more hunting for the latest and greatest, you will already have it; and that's not all!

Ooooo tell me more!


Why KMi?

After years of developing in a plethora of platforms, it was decided that a single system needs to be developed to handle all needs current and projected. Most systems are completed in a manner to handle a single problem. KMi beats that by not putting limitations on what you can do! The system is also compiled, compressed and able to handle the complexities of page loading on all device types. The core system holds high against the google pageSpeed testing.

KMi also assumes some SEO attributes left off to help boost your page by ensuring it contains what search engines look for.  It also looks to follow accessibility rules where-ever possible.

Want to demo KMi?

Contact today to receive a demo so you can test out the systems capabilities