The KMi concept

After years of customizing frameworks, CMS systems, and solutions for corporation I have compiled a CMS that takes the better parts of all the systems and puts them into one. Along with these parts I have added many features that will allow up to date code structures, encryption methodologies, on the fly API connections/setups, accessibility integration, quick connection to existing frameworks and more. Once finding a commonality between frameworks, as well as between connection types, KMi was put together to give you a one stop shop for all your needs

Stop paying project to project for 3rd party solutions! Whether you are a larger company looking to consolidate all your services and applications, or a small company that needs to complete big business transactions, KMi is developed to quickly, easily and successfully meet all your needs so that you and/or your company will thrive!

The technology


KMi utilizes PHP 5+ technology on a LAMP stack.  With the latest usage of PHP we are able to tap into the great features, functionalities and libraries that will give your user the best experiences possible


jQuery 2.1+ and Ajax are the secondary technology in use. By using the latest stable jQuery library, KMi is able to ensure that we can make the site fun while functional


KMi is able to give a site the ability to be viewed across all mediums without any issues of display size or device type. By using the KMi features you ensure that your site is 100% responsive to all mediums.

Standing apart

One aspect that is allowing KMi to stand apart from the rest is the compression standards that are in place. Following web best practice for page load, code clean up and more, KMi is designed to keep your site loading as fast as possible at all times. This is completed by a series of minification on all css, javascripts and html output. With KMi you can always test your site with Google pageSpeed at anytime.  KMi ranks in the green!

Check it out

KMi ranking is based on system guidelines. Your site rank may differ pending content, imagery, custom files and more. Contact KMi support anytime to ensure your site is loading at its most optimal speed*.

* Support for page speed, optimization, and compression not limited to KMi CMS. Contact KMi support today!

Cross browser:

At first pass, the system was developed to function all the way back to IE8. Since Microsoft has discontinued support for IE8, KMi was spun to support all the latest and greatest browsers.  Support includes but not limited to Mozilla Firefox, IE11/Edge, Safari and Chrome.  Need another browser? Contact for support.

Multi-tier support:

Out-of-the-box KMi can handle many aspects; it is a growing system. Connected sites will get all the latest upgrades as soon as they are test, tried and true. At any time you can connect to request additions. To help boost system growth, some requests are fulfilled free of charge. This incentive is to give all sites, utilizing KMi, the best.


Let's talk about KMi

So you're here to find out about KMi. The system is compiled after years of working with SO many content management systems (CMS) and finding that each one of them had pitfalls. Although each system had its avenues of good abilities, they always seemed to fall flat when trying to do just a little more. When reaching out for support, it usually ended up being a phenomenal cost for a simple ask, or a very quick " doesn't support that and we may looking to put that into the next integration.". After months, and sometimes years, it never got into place. Those that did get into place, it would cost a large fee to upgrade because it wasn't part of the original install.

Here is a list of systems/platforms that have been used prior, in which give KMi its foresight:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Oracle
  • IBM Websphere Content Management
  • Teamsite
  • JIVE
  • Adobe
  • Sitecore
  • Sharepoint
  • J2EE

Wait a minute

This list isn't to talk bad about anyone of them. Each one had a few good features in which worlked well alone, but fell flat elsewhere.  While developers could work, with difficulty, in these systems; the idea behind KMi is to give even the basic user the ability to achieve what a developer can do.


All in mind!

Everyone is kept in mind from development to viewing. One main group focused on during this development; the end user, your visitor. The pieces of KMi ensure that your site is kept simple, clean and easy to use. It is put together to ensure speed of page load as well as adhere to top web standards for persons with disabilities and more.

The second group is you, the site owner. While ensuring your site presents beautifully, the novice user was kept in mind so anyone can look like a developer with even basic skills and knowledge. Throughout the system, each part is explained to what it will do. This allows you to not only complete your website, but also a peek into why.

Last but not least we kept the developers in mind. Those with the knowledge and understanding of how sites are put together can utilize more of the features and functionality easier. There are also pathways to quickly and easily add in customization without a hassle. We looked to alleviate necessities of backend knowledge as much as possible. However, the ability to connected to alternate backend tech was not left out!



In EVERY case (yes, even KMi) there will be a need for a developer in some degree. Technology is a moving target. Systems have to be kept up to date with the networks, infrastructures, devices types, securities, and more. Good developers stay up to date and refresh every 6 months; when that happens, so does KMi.*


Use it today!

KMi has been put together to support all needs current and future. Need something and can't find it? Just ask and it will get in place.



*Connected KMi sites are kept up to date automatically. Alternate installs are alerted of when updates are ready.