KMi makes it easy to customize through a series of "brick" stacking.  This type of page creation allows you to customize not only the entire page, but at each piece within the page. With this method you are able to ensure that your site can be designed to stand out from the rest. 


There isn't a single "common" theme put in place because your site should be different from the next. The theming concept used within KMi is based on site type and color schematic. Your site type will control optional features and functionality. By removing the "theme" concept that most CMS use (IE:Wordpress), you reduce the amount of time in redeveloping the existing theme to suit your needs. With KMi, all the pieces and parts are avialble for you to quickly put them together as you need them. There are two ways to complete this: One is through shortcodes* the other is template selections within each brick level.

Color scheme

There are 9 pre-defined color schemes already set to go, with more in process. KMi site is using the "orange" scheme. There is also a location for custom colors. By giving you the ability to choose the color pattern you would like, the need for pre-coded is minimized.

Other colors available:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Dark Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red

Site types:

  • Blogging - Contains a simple blogging default look and feel.
  • Brochure style - This is your basic (most common) site style. is built on this concept
  • eCommerce site type will allow you to have a shopping cart.
  • Real-estate site type will allow you to enable a conversation box. What is a conversation box? This acts like a shopping cart but instead of a check out it will allow your user to put all the listings they would like to see or talk about into one location to allow for quick overview for discussion.
  • Web application - This will allow you to pass application style pages such as a search application, Calendar application, Contests and more.

*Shortcodes: A series of predfined snippets that will transform into beautiful display.

Bringing it together

Although there are different site types, attributes can be shared throughout each based on your installation.  For example: If your company is a services tendered, you can use the application portion to create a bill pay process to allow your customers to pay online.

KMi is here to ensure that you have all that you need but not limit what you have access to.* While you have installed for one immediate need, you can rest assured that your future needs are and will be handled.

*Connected sites have all options available once released. Non-connected sites will be alerted once new releases are available.

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