The breakdown


These are typically your blogging site to simple brochure style site.  Usually 3-5 pages for display, contact and about information. These don't usually contain profile storage or any other features as the others would carry. 

Want to know what you can do with a personal site?

Yes, lets personalize it

Small to medium

This size would be 5-15 pages. These contain more information, functionality and information. They can range from portfolio sites, small ecommerce sites and more.

What to know more about what functionality these include?

Yes, please

Large to Enterprise

These site sizes are usually the all-encompassing. From eCommerce, to profile information, user workflows and environments. These take a lot more time to setup and require a full information or requirements gathering to ensure everything you need is thought about.

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The offer has limitations..boooo!

There is always someone willing to do it cheaper

Yes, there's cheap

There's always someone out there that will offer to do it for cheap. Be wary of these claims because typically when it costs less, you will get less; it will be less. Today, your webpage is your face. This is what people see first and make a judgement solely because on your site. If it is not clean and professional, your services could be skipped. With everything going mobile, if your site isn't mobile optimized, you could lose a sale.


KMi is less, not cheap!

How can KMi claim less? KMi cost is less than the competition because of FAR less overhead. The system allows you to make edits, add functionality and create at will; thus reducing what you need to spend out of pocket.

Don't be taken by the claims for less. Make sure to get a proper evaluation of your site before choosing.  Don't get me wrong, there are many persons out there trying to break into the industry so they will do the work for less just for the experience. KMi, is also here to help those. 

In this case:

KMi = More for less

What to consider

What you have

While putting together a website having an idea is a great start! However, there are things that you can obtain that will reduce your overall cost. You should collect as much as possible before looking to obtain a website.

What you need

Now that you have everything that you can get on your own, even if that is just a list, you can start to look at put together a list of things that you need. You may not know what you need yet, so find a company that will spend a little time to answer your questions. Here is where you can ask questions and not be pitched. Feel free to ask

What you can afford

Now with your two lists, look to review your budget. Most people don't want to talk budget in fear of denial. However, talking budget can give the company an idea of what they can do for you within your budget. KMi estimates include the least expensive to the "all inclusive" and you pick!

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